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Solar Power Systems

Is there a business case for Solar Power (PV) ? Solar Power (Photo Voltaic) systems for own consumption has a favourable payback  period with the added advantage that the investment continues to produce a positive  return for 25 years. With the right finance from banks, your cash flow can be positive  from day one. Unfortunately banks are dead in the water, when it comes to financing PV systems, but  fortunately, an industry which will finance PV systems is developing outside the  commercial banking system. The ongoing Eskom increases are a constant reminder of additional future benefits.  Before buying a PV system, you have to understand why you want to do it, and being  fed-up with Eskom is not a reason. The questions are:

• Are you trying to save on your electricity bill and protect yourself from energy cost  increases?

• Do you want to ensure continuity during load shedding and electricity blackouts?

• Both the above?

• Are you prepared to compromise during power outages and to what extend?

• Do you want to build a system in stages, or once off?

• Once you have answered these questions, you have to consult a professional who  specialises in energy for expert advice. Especially for commercial or industrial  applications.